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Tony Curtis' Euphonious Lovers-Rock Tune "Touch" Drops On August 19

On one of his recent social media post, reggae singer Tony Curtis - who was sending a message to emerging artists at the time - said: "you have to pay 100% love and respect to the music; so give music a hundred percent if you love it." That sentiment is audible on his upcoming single, Touch; done for Big Feet Records.

The man who works as both a solo artist and a member of the reggae quartet L.U.S.T (with Lukie-D, Thriller-U and Singing Melody), has truly poured himself into Touch. With well written words and a smooth melody, Curtis tells the story of a man, whose separation from his lover has led to sleepless nights and bouts of depression.

After listening to this song, it becomes very clear why Tony Curtis - someone who's been making hit songs since the early 90s - remains relevant, while so many others have fallen off.

Touch, the sweet-sounding lovers-rock tune, will be officially released on Friday, August 19th. And as is the case with all projects done by Big Feet Records, Touch will be distributed by VPal Music (a subsidiary of VP Records).

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