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  • Susan Smith

Reggae Songstress Etana Set to Release “High Grade” Single

Reggae songstress Etana is back with yet another hit on her hands, a new track aptly titled “High Grade.” Produced by Big Feet Records, the song will be officially released on November 4, 2021.

“The title of this song represents a higher level of thinking and premium grade marijuana,” the singer explained, “the song is sweet, meaningful and honest, with a vibe. I can feel the love and application for the good good high grades and the farmers.”

The project marks a first time collaboration between the singer and the California-based label, which is known for producing high caliber Reggae tracks for prominent artistes such as Turbulence, Mykal Rose, Lutan Fyah and Pam Hall.

“My manager was approached by Big Feet Records and my manager later received the track. I don’t often record for other producers but if I hear a track I like, I’ll get on it. When the music speaks I just have to follow,” the singer stated. The result was a fruitful and smooth working relationship and a potential hit.

“Working with Etana was a pleasure, we already had high expectations knowing how great she is as an artiste and this collaboration exceeded our expectations,” Big Feet Records CEO Josh Harris expressed. With the positive vibes around the track so far, it is expected to perform well and entice the ears of music lovers around the world.

“I know it will go where it should and it will reach and heal many people. Sound is powerful,” Etana said.

“High Grade” follows on the heels of Etana’s album “Pajoma” which she released in June of this year and is currently doing promotional rounds for. Known for tracks such as “Blessing”, “People Talk”, “I Rise” and “Roots”, Etana is currently working on new projects for future release.

“I continue to record. It’s just what I do and it never gets old. Be on the lookout for new tracks,” she revealed.

Distributed by Zojak World Wide, “High Grade” will be available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.

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