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Recording Artiste Twiggi on the Comeback Trail with “My Garden”

Recording artiste Twiggi is back with a fresh sound in the form of a new single titled “My Garden.” Produced by Big Feet Records, the track officially drops today, February 11, 2022.

“It’s a love song, where the man has all the attributes that every woman's heart desires. I would call him 'the perfect man' - the man that embodies true and pure love, that leaves his woman constantly in awe,” the singer explained.

A step away from her usual sound, the artiste decided to try something new on this track.

“The final product to me is quite unique, not the usual Twiggi style but worth the experience. It's well mixed and mastered, which is very important to me. Overall, I’m pleased with it,” the singer expressed.

Connected to Big Feet Records through the label’s newly appointed music consultant Fitzroy Francis, the collaboration was a seamless one.

“Working with Big Feet Records was delightful to say the least. Professionalism is a big priority with their team, their word is their bond and I also love the fact that they work with the artiste musically to get the final product of the best quality,” the artiste stated.

Prior to “My Garden”, Twiggi has released quite a few hit songs, such as the recent track “When I Think About You.” The September 2021 release, produced by Donovan Germaine, is a classic old school Reggae love song. In addition, she has also released other songs such as “It’s Too Late”, “Where Did The Love Go”, “Do Me Baby” and “Want It” featuring Buju Banton.

While dealing with the setbacks of not being able to travel and tour at this time, Twiggi has been channeling that energy into the studio, with new works in the process.

“I have quite a few new projects coming out for 2022 starting with “My Garden”, as well as some music videos and promotions, plus some events if the pandemic clears,” she revealed.

“My Garden” is now available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms online.

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