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New Music From Natural Black "Mission To Conquer" Now Available On All Streaming Platforms

The Far From Reality singer, Natural Black, returns with a catchy new ska tune called Mission To Conquer. It was officially released earlier today - Friday, December 9th - via Big Feet Records.

Mission To Conquer has an interesting back-story. The song that is now available to the public is very different from the one penned and recorded by Natural Black in October. Significant changes were made by executive producer Josh Harris - who also played bass and keyboard on the track - and members of his production team: Santa Davis (drums), Jallanzo (lead guitar), Tommy Tikkanen (mixing engineer) and Earle Holder (mastering engineer). Sections were edited and some lines removed; not because there was an issue with what Natural wrote, but rather to make the overall song more euphonious.

Harris summed up his feelings about the final mix with six words: "I think it's a hit song...!" While Natural Black, after hearing the changes, indicated his approval by uttering the Jamaican jargon commonly used for agreement: "respect."

If you are into ska music you will love this tune, and if you're not, this song will convert you. Stream and/or download it now from iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all other major music platforms.

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