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New Music From Duane Stephenson “Make You My Queen”

On new music Friday - May 26th - Big Feet Records released Make You My Queen, a bright, upbeat, ska song, performed by veteran reggae artist Duane Stephenson. On the record, the August Town singer is heard pining after his love interest, making clear his intentions to literally make her his queen.

Stephenson's silky vocals are perfectly centered on an elaborate instrumental, carefully arranged and orchestrated by composer and executive producer Josh Harris, and members of his musical team. Santa Davis played the drums, Jallanzo is on guitar, Josh did both bass and keyboard, and Sharita Lewis added the supporting harmony. Make You My Queen was mixed by Tommi Tikkenen and mastered by Earle Holder.

This is truly an amazing love song that should be added to the catalogue of every reggae/ska lover. It is now available on iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and all other streaming platforms, courtesy of Big Feet Records.

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