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Mykal Rose Set to Release the Big Feet Records Produced track “Glory to Jah”

International Grammy Award-winning recording artiste Mykal Rose is set to release a brand new track, titled "Glory To Jah." Produced by Big Feet Records, the track will be released officially on October 15, 2021.


"There's so much going on in the world right now and this song is an upful and bright reminder to keep Jah first in everything we do," the artiste explained.

This is one of the highly anticipated projects coming from the label since its recent partnership with Fitzroy Francis of Mightyful13 Records. With Tommi Tikkanen serving as one of the producers, the track is also supported by talented musicians such as Pam Hall as a guest vocalist, Mark Sims on bass guitar and Dave Carlson on lead guitar, the song promises to be a hit among music listeners once released to the public.


"I think this is a message that many people need. It's a reminder to keep your head up and remember that with Jah, you're never alone. So I hope it can reach the masses and help those who truly need it," the artiste expressed. Big Feet Records' Josh Harris is also looking forward to the release of the track, which he too has high hopes for.

"It really is an honor to work with a legend such as Mykal Rose, the production was great and the track turned out really well," the producer stated.

With an illustrious career dating back to the 1970s, Mykal Rose is notably known for his time as the lead singer of legendary Reggae band Black Uhuru, which he joined in 1977. The group's album "Anthem" led them towards receiving the first ever Reggae Grammy award in 1985. After leaving the group shortly after this achievement, Rose has gone on to release a number of albums over the years such as "Be Yourself" in 1996, "Warrior" in 2007 and most recently, "Ska Ska Ska" in 2019.

“I have lots of works in the pipeline right now! Live performances here and there, and still recordings songs for my upcoming album and singles,” Mykal Rose added.

"Glory To Jah" will be made available for purchase and streaming on major digital platforms such as Deezer, iTunes and Apple Music.




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