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Macka B Is Giving Thanks For Life

Every so often a song comes along that has the power to completely upgrade our mood to better, regardless what state we find ourselves in at the time. This means that if we are down it lifts us up; and if we are already in a good mood it puts us in an even better mood.

The preceding is an accurate depiction of Macka B's latest single, Give Thank For Life. The ska tune - released on Friday, April 28th, via Big Feet Records - is a collaborative effort by and between producer Josh Harris (who is also the CEO of the aforementioned imprint) and veteran British toaster Macka B.

Give Thanks For Life is literally a two minutes and forty nine seconds inspirational speech, presented in a rhythmic style, on top of a ska beat. As the song starts, the first thing that grabs our attention is the sweet-sounding instrumental, which can be credited to Santo Davis on drums, Jallanzo on guitar, with Josh Harris on both bass and keyboard. Mixing and mastering engineers are Tommi Tikkanen and Earle Holder, respectively.

The dulcet rhythm is immediately enhanced when Macka B begins to deliver his masterfully crafted message, in a manner that perfectly compliments the track. Give Thanks For Life is now available on all streaming platforms.

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