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Macka B Is Coming With A Beautiful Inspirational Tune Called "Give Thanks For Life"

At the end of April - on the 28th - U.S. based reggae label, Big Feet Records, will release Give Thanks For Life; a rhythmic, bright, ska tune, performed by British-born Jamaican reggae artist Macka B. As a practicing Rastaman, Macka B's music is usually centered around political and spiritual messages, so this upcoming single will be a pleasant surprise to his massive fan base.

The tone and tenor of the song is most pleasing to Big Feet's executive producer and CEO Josh Harris, who insists that all songs on his label exude positivity. He holds the belief that music should make listeners happy, hopeful and optimistic, as opposed to angry and aggrieved. This has been his approach with all the other songs on Big Feet Records' extensive catalogue, which includes tracks by Ken Boothe, Junior Kelly, Pam Hall, Chezidek, and many more established reggae acts.

Whether or not you are familiar with Macka B and his music, you are guaranteed to enjoy Give Thanks For Life, so save the date: April 28, 2023.

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