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Luciano brings musical gift for fans

On Sunday, reggae artiste Luciano released the highly spiritual track I Wish I Was There. "My creative process is derived through energy and intuition which always lead to great music, thus, there's a sense of devoutness in my creation process. The aim is to always make music of substance, something that can encourage generations to come," said Luciano. A first-time collaboration with Big Feet Records, the process was seamless as, after making the connection with the producer Josh Harris, the singer immediately fell in love with the rhythm and got to work on the song; it was completed in just a few days. "When I heard the title of the riddim [Jericho Horns], I was inspired to do a little revision on Jericho and that is how I got the inspiration; the melodies and words just kept coming. Many thanks to the great maestro Josh Harris," Luciano added. With an illustrious career dating as far back as the 1990s, Luciano has experienced the evolution of Jamaican music throughout the years. With the Jamaican culture playing a heavy hand in crafting his sound, mainly roots reggae, the artiste has managed to deliver unique songs to the industry, while keeping spirituality and uplifting messages at the core of his music.

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