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Linval Thompson Sings For The Poor"Help Them Jah Jah"

Big Feet Records is sharing its latest single - Help Them Jah Jah, performed by veteran reggae singer/producer, Linval Thompson.

The well-timed release is now available on all streaming platforms. It is considered timely because of its lyrical content, which is basically a plea made on behalf of the poor and downtrodden. On the record, Linval works as an intercessor, singing: "help them Jah Jah come help them now, don't let them suffer no more."

The entire team at Big Feet Records is confident that the song will resonate with listeners, especially taking into consideration the current state of the global economy. Food prices have increased, the cost of oil continues to go up, and as is always the case, it is the poor that are most impacted.

Message aside, Help Them Jah Jah is a soothing, melodious reggae song. Linval Thompson's lead vocals were harmonized by veteran backing vocalist Nikki Burt. The label's CEO and owner, Josh Harris - who is also an accomplished musician - played both bass and keyboard. Drums were done by Santa Davis, while Jallanzo added the guitar. The mixing engineer was Umberto Echo and it was mastered by Earle Holder.

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