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Junior Kelly Is Coming With "Protection"On Oct. 14

Reggae, a style of popular music that originated on the small Caribbean island of Jamaica, has become a global phenomenon. This unique sound, which was initially created to give voice to the voiceless, has, over the years, become very commercialized. Alas, the ‘business’ of reggae now trumps the messages being sent via this important medium. What this means is that we are now grappling with an industry filled with money hungry business men and women, disguised as professionals, filling the airwaves with whatever they think will generate the most income.

However, in spite of the preceding assertion, there are still a number of persons working in the field – artists, producers, promoters, agents etc. – who are holding the line. Meaning; they’re committed to creating and promoting only authentic reggae music. Kingston native Junior Kelly, the man who gave us the mega hit If Love So Nice, is among those not yielding to the pressures for money, power and fame.

Junior Kelly uses his musical abilities to praise the Most High, tackle social issues (in a responsible way), and advance love on earth; things one would expect to hear when listening to real reggae music. On his upcoming single for Big Feet Records – due out on Friday, October 14th – the Rastafarian reggae artist ask the Devine for Protection (which is the title of the track) from anyone and anything clothed in overt or covert negativity.

This is a big tune with the right message so be sure to check it out when it is released.

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