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Bushman's New Tune "Love Ya So Bad" Is Already Getting Lots Of Love

Approximately two weeks ago the marketing team at Big Feet Records shared snippets of Bushman's latest single. Since then the positive reviews have been numerous and continuous. The consensus is that this new record will be just as big, or possibly bigger than some of his earlier hits: Call The Hearse, Fire Bun A Weak Heart, Nyah Man Chant, Worries and Problems etc.

The brand new track is a lovers-rock reggae song titled Love Ya So Bad. It was officially published on Friday, January 20th via Big Feet Records, and as such, is now available on all streaming platforms.

Not only did Bushman sing the lead on Love Ya So Bad, he also joined Nikki Burt on the backing vocals, resulting in a rich harmonious sound that immediately grabs the attention of the listener. The executive producer is Josh Harris, who played both bass and keyboard, while Santa Davis did the drums. Love Ya SoBad was mixed by Tommi Tikkenen and mastered by Earle Holder.

It is no coincidence that this tune was shared only a few weeks before valentine's day. The decision was strategic, as the song is all about a man who is madly in love with his lady, and is not afraid to express it.

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